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Ethiopia's population is just over 101 million (2016 data) comprising over 80 different ethnic groups, including the Oromo, Amhara, Tigray, Sidamo and Somali people. Nationally there are 82 spoken languages. Secondary education is in English and Amharic and supported by local languages such as Oromifa, Somali and Tigrinya. In the 4-day Afar Desert tour, you'll visit the birthplace of humankind with the discovery of 'Lucy,' an ancient hominid fossil, representing the first bipedal pre-human that once lived in Ethiopia. In the Lower Omo River Valley, you'll meet the people to whom all Homo sapiens DNA seems to go back to. Ethiopia is one of the truly great, never colonised indigenous civilisations in Africa. Ancient Ethiopians, in the most mountainous country in Africa, built with granite. This means we can still see their greatness. There is nothing like it in the world. This is why no country in Africa has more UNESCO World Heritage sites than Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is also home to one of the highest numbers of endemic species in Africa – with over 280 mammal species – 40 of which you'll only ever see in Ethiopia. Consider majestic animals such as the Black - Maned Lion, Ethiopian, or Simien, wolf, the Mountain Nyala, Bale Monkey ( in the Harenna Forest of the Bale mountains), Clients will get up close with Gelada baboons and see their crimson chests and lion-like manes, The Bale Mountains Vervet and the Walia Ibex (sub-Saharan Africa’s only indigenous mountain goat) are headliners in the showcase of the spectacular fauna of Ethiopia.

Taste for yourself

the abundant feast of the senses and energy of Africa’s spiritual heartland

Visit Ethiopia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites with Ethiopian Adventure Tours

When you travel through Ethiopia with Sam on Ethiopian Adventure Tours you will visit more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than anywhere else in Africa, including Egypt. Ethiopian Adventure Tours can help you experience an impressive range of ancient humanity's landmarks. Axum was the capital of an African empire that contemporary historians once ranked alongside the Persian, Chinese and Roman empires. It marks the location of the heart of Africa. Fasil Ghebbi, Ethiopia's capital during the 17th to 19th centuries was home to the fortified residences of several Ethiopian emperors during the 17th and 18th centuries.

You’ll discover the holy Orthodox Christian city of Lalibela with its 11 medieval churches carved out of solid rock dating from the 12th century and Islam’s fourth holiest city, Harar, which is home to 82 mosques and 102 shrines and a recipient of the UN City of Peace medal.

Visit World Heritage Sites

Travel to 6 of 9 Ethiopian UNESCO World Heritage Sites – more than any other African Country.

Welcome to a Ethiopian 16 day tour experience unlike any other – a personal journey discovering the fascinating and little known antiquities, landscapes and cultures of Ethiopia.

Be uplifted and inspired when you travel through a land that tourists have overlooked but that will challenge everything you thought you knew about Africa.

Journey to the birthplace and cradle of civilisation, the oldest inhabited place on earth and be rewarded with an experience that will enrich the rest of your life.

Ethiopia – An Adventure travelling through the heart of Africa

Travel with your personal guide Sam Cunningham as he shares his lifetime of knowledge of Ethiopia from many years spent there. Sam was raised in a rural community from the age of 18 months. He speaks the local language of Amharic fluently and has extensive networks of well-connected childhood friends and contacts. To experience a rare, intimate and unique Ethiopian travel experience through this beautiful and ancient land, go with Sam.

Sam invites you on a most excellent adventure travelling through Ethiopia – a land lost in time!

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Our Journey through Ethiopia excelled all expectations. Sam's knowledge of the country, history, culture and language, gave our experience a depth we have rarely experienced in years of world travel. Our memories of Ethiopia and the wonderful people we met and travelled with, will always be with us. Mr A & Mrs M, C. Waiheke Island, NZ. March 2019.
My recent trip to Ethiopia was incredible. I learned so much about its political and religious history and its land use. I came away with so much new information and an understanding of the problems economically emerging countries face. It’s a beautiful country filled with wonderful people. Sam and his Ethiopian partner Haile were perfect tour guides, nothing worried them, and their love and knowledge of Ethiopia was inspiring. I would happily recommend this tour company and I would be more than happy to do another tour with them. Ms CR. Christchurch, NZ. March 2019.
We really do think you are great and your tour organising was fantastic.


Mr TW, New Plymouth, NZ. February 2019.

Fifty years ago, Ted and I lived in Ethiopia for three years working for the US peace corps. We dreamed of someday returning. When we saw Sam’s advert in The Listener we thought maybe we could go. However, we didn’t just want to visit the tourist attractions we wanted to return to the remote area where we had lived before. Incredibly, Sam was able to arrange it all. From the moment we were met at the airport by Sam and Haile we were well taken care of. We relaxed and enjoyed the well planned and informative trip to the various historic areas as well as visiting the towns and people we had known all those years ago! It was truly the trip of a lifetime.


– Mrs HW, New Plymouth, NZ. February 2019.

I do a lot of travelling and have taken quite a number of tours. I can honestly say that I have never experienced such a kind, thoughtful and knowledgeable guide as Sam provided in my Ethiopian travel tour" – Penny C. 2016
This was the trip of a life time. It completely surpassed all of my expectations. Thank you so much Sam, you went out of your way to enable us to see the deep layers of Ethiopia " - CP. Apr 2016

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