There’s so much more to African travel than the classic Safari!

Africa is one of the world’s most precious lands – scattered with vibrant cultures, ancient history and proud traditions, there’s almost nothing you won’t find inspiring.

Be captivated by Africa’s ability to harness all of your body’s senses – feel the vibrancy of the landscape, explore the untouched history, hear the sounds of the ancient cultures, taste the delicious and diverse cuisines, and reflect on the many mysteries when you travel through Ethiopia, this ancient and stunning African country.

By travelling with Ethiopian Adventure Tours you’ll also experience, explore and travel through this part of Africa on an extremely personal journey there’s a strong sense of getting to see the oldest frontier on Earth - Ethiopia - before it is over-run by tourists.

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Travel to the world's 2015 top voted Tourism destination – Ethiopia

The mysterious land of Ethiopia is one of Africa’s ancient, yet often overlooked destinations. Cultural, archaeological and natural riches await travellers keen on delving into this mystical and forgotten land. Travellers can expect our organised tours to explore rugged and vast environments, and will experience the rich and ancient cultures. Be amazed by timeworn relics steeped in mysticism and get a chance to meet local people. You will have fascinating experiences that will make for a most rewarding and inspiring journey.

Ethiopia’s history is fascinating and you will gain an insight into the mystique of this ancient land. Travellers can see and touch many ancient treasures such as a 900-year-old parchment bible. Ready access to people and cultural sites on your African tour is guaranteed and with more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than elsewhere in Africa, Ethiopia is a unique place for ancient history and cultures that are ready to be fully explored.

Ethiopian travel tips

Tour operator Sam’s top tips for travelling to Africa:

  1. Before travelling to Africa, register your details online with the relevant Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office in your country and take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance.
  2. Ensure your inoculations for typhoid, tetanus, polio and hepatitis A are up to date and ask about your options regarding malaria prevention.
  3. Ensure you have a supply of adequate currency in cash (US$) for the trip – credit cards are not widely accepted. ATMs are available in Addis Ababa for withdrawing local currency.
  4. Keep an eye on your pockets! Pickpockets operate in central Addis Ababa but are not a serious cause for concern elsewhere in the country. Pickpocket proof pants are ideal.
  5. Although phone coverage can be poor outside urban centres, it is improving. Our team will always carry a cellular phones in case of emergency.
  6. Bottled water is cheap, safe and widely available. Best practice is to avoid drinking or brushing your teeth with tap water; also use ice made only from purified or disinfected water.
  7. Always wash your hands or use hand santiser gel before consuming food!
  8. It is a good idea to carry a few packs of antiseptic wet wipes to wash your hands after toilet stops or before meals in more remote areas where running water may not be available.
  9. Last but not least – explore, experience, enjoy, and be inspired by the mystery of Ethiopia when you travel to Africa.

For more African travel safety advice, tips and travel guidelines, please visit

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