Explore over 3,000 years of the history and culture of Ethiopia

Explore Ethiopian Myths & Legends

Go even further back to before the beginning of our species Homo sapiens. This region of east Africa near the former land bridge across the Red Sea to Arabia is widely considered to be where early humans started to move out of Africa and migrate into Europe and Asia. This is where we began.

Discover the diversity of bird and wildlife along the fringe of the Awash river in the Afar/ Danakil desert and in the mountains of the Simien massif.

Look around the bustling modern city of Addis Ababa which doubles as the diplomatic capital of Africa.

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Explore the rich tapestry of Ethiopia

Have an excellent locally brewed beer or a coffee to remember in Harar, a major centre of the coffee trade, a UN City of Peace and Islam’s fourth holiest city after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem.

In Axum, consider the mystery of the home of the Ark of the Covenant and the legend of the Queen of Sheba. At Yeha visit a pagan temple that was already 2,300 years old when Francisco Alvarez 'discovered' it in 1520. Feel the spirit of the Ethiopian renaissance. Drop your jaw to the likes of Ethio-jazz star Samuel Yirga on piano (if he is in town).

Experience the heart of Ethiopia

An Ethiopian intellectual and personal friend of mine believes that Ethiopians’ famous friendliness and openness to visitors is, at least in part, because Ethiopia was never colonised by a European empire. Apart from Liberia, Ethiopia is the only African country that wasn’t colonised.

The traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, sharing a meal around a large circular platter and the formal, dignified greeting protocols between friends, strangers and different age groups are just some examples of the Ethiopian cultural values of hospitality, sharing and mutual respect.

Ethiopia will reward the curious traveller with the discovery of so much that is unique about this place.

Taste the culture, explore the cuisines

Sample Ethiopia’s unique cuisine with its rich diversity of delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes using fascinating blends of herbs and spices. There are Ethiopian restaurants in many cities of the world where Ethiopian diaspora people have settled.

No other African country offers Ethiopia’s mix of fascinating cultures, indigenous cuisine, ancient history and diversity of terrain and wildlife.

Ethiopia’s greatest attraction though is her people who have overcome so much, have such a proud and ancient history and who are right now undergoing an incredible economic and cultural renaissance as they build a new Ethiopia.

A real highlight of the tour was sitting round a fire with Sam, as interpreter, took part in a long question and answer session. It was amusing, enlightening and most enjoyable.” - Penny C, Waiheke Island, New Zealand – May 2016
“I have had no hesitation in recommending this tour to my family, friends and anyone else who gave me the courtesy of listening.” - Penny C, Waiheke Island, New Zealand – May 2016