Adventure travel through Ethiopia – the heart and soul of Africa

Explore and uncover the mystery that comes with one of the most fascinating destinations in the world. Ethiopian Adventure Tours are committed to providing you with an extraordinary adventure travel opportunity, experiencing this unique country on your own travel adventure.

Ethiopia is still little known as an adventure travel destination in Africa. Challenge everything you thought you knew about Africa – and join Ethiopian Adventure Tours’ unique and intimate adventure with guide Sam.

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Adventure Travel Destination – Ethiopia

Ethiopia is Africa’s heart and soul – scattered with historic palaces and ruins, vast natural landscapes, fascinating people, culture and ancient human history, Ethiopia offers you the opportunity to experience an ancient frontier.

Ethiopian Adventure Tours invites you to discover Ethiopia’s north, centre and east – visiting historic cities, simple mountain villages, genuine people, and millennia old monuments.

Ethiopia is an understatement in its own right – join Ethiopian Adventure Tours and experience Ethiopia for yourself.

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Our local adventure travel guide – Haile

Ethiopian Adventure Tours’ top man on the job is Haile – a reliable, honest, professional who has has worked with Sam and Ethiopian Adventure Tours many times before. Sam and Haile both have very extensive personal networks throughout the country and bring a proven mix of skills and experience to each travel group.

Haile also speaks excellent English, and loves to show Ethiopia to those who wish to truly see it!

The Ethiopian aspect is what transports this particular adventure journey into something very special. We came away marvelling at just how close up we got to the country’s extraordinary history : the ancient geology, the very beginning of the human presence, the cradle of ancient civilisations, the politics ( ancient and recent ), and the absolute accessibility of the experiences that keen travellers recognise as hallmarks of a truly intriguing and engaging location.
Adventure: of this there is also no doubt. It seems still to be a country that is yet to be fully 'opened' in the travellers sense, consequently there is an enjoyable 'we got there early' feel about so much of what we achieved with Sam. Each day brought something, or a series of somethings, which were by turns exhilarating, stunning (the dancing!!!), enriching (Aksum, Lalibela and other places), humbling (the people) and memorable.”
– Mr B. & Dr R. W. Auckland, New Zealand

Adventure Stories from past Ethiopian Tours

This was the adventure trip of a life time. It completely surpassed all of my expectations. Thank you so much Sam, you went out of your way to enable us to see the deep layers of Ethiopia" – CP – April 2016
We are very delighted to support Sam’s Ethiopian Adventure travel expedition. Amongst a lifetime of travel experiences, our time in Ethiopia with Sam was truly astounding. I could not recommend it highly enough." – Mr B. & Dr R. W. – July 2015
I have had no hesitation in recommending this Adventure tour to my family, friends and anyone else who gave me the courtesy of listening.” – Penny C, Waiheke Island, New Zealand – May 2016