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Touring Ethiopia

This trip is different to all others I have seen advertised. For a fixed fee I will be trip facilitator, translator and introduce you to my friends for an authentic small town community experience.

This is a unique and safe travel opportunity because of the value-add from my ability to move seamlessly between western and Ethiopian culture, local knowledge and insights, high level verbal Amharic fluency, huge personal network, local community access and sheer enthusiasm for anything Ethiopian.

I will introduce you to my friends of over 40 years for an authentic, non-touristy small town experience. I consider Degan to be my home town.

Travel with an independent and private tour group of up to 10 travellers plus driver plus Sam plus Sam’s partner Caroline or an english speaking Ethiopian professional co-guide if Caroline is unavailable.

The tour is rich with diversity and covers an extensive area in the north, centre and east of Ethiopia.

Three domestic flights with Ethiopian Airlines - Africa's best airline - reduce driving distances and are included in the price.

We travel from the Orthodox Christian antiquities of the 'Lost Christian Kingdom' hidden for a thousand years on the Roof of Africa and descend to the fringes of the Afar desert. Then we ascend again on the mountains of the southern spur of the Rift Valley to visit the ancient walled city of Harar. It is considered Islam's fourth holiest city and recipient of a UN City of Peace medal for the exemplary way in which Christians, Muslims and 5 ethnic groups have lived peacefully side by side for centuries.

Your 16-day Tour of Ethiopia...

We start your Ethiopian travels early on the morning of Day 1 and fly about 1000 kms north to Axum in the Simien Mountains. We then drive gradually south visiting historic Ethiopian sites including Yeha, Lalibela and Gondar. We drive to Bahir Dar on the shores of Lake Tana then fly back to Ethiopia's Capital City, Addis Ababa. We spend a day looking around Addis Ababa then take a one-day exploration of prehistoric sites to the near south.

Then we drive east across the edge of the Afar desert to historic Harar checking out the wildlife in the dry, savannah of the Awash National Park on the way.

We spend two days in and around the ancient city of Harar. Among many other points of interest, Harar is known for the fascinating old walled city of Jugol, colourful markets and the hyena men who hand-feed wild hyenas.

This hotter, lower lying region is very different to the mountainous highlands of the Orthodox Christian north.

Day 16 is flying back to Addis Ababa from Dire Dawa Airport about one hour drive from Harar.

Visit our itinerary page for a full 16-day schedule guideline.

Join this Wildlife and History Tour of Ethiopia
I enjoyed our tour of Ethiopia immensely." – Dr M.C. Wellington, New Zealand
This really was the tour of a life time!” - Penny C, Waiheke Island, New Zealand – May 2016